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Flexible pricing and plans for every business size. Enjoy easy billing and strong data security with Fluxiom's dedicated servers and strict opt-in sharing.

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249 /mo

25 users

1,500 GB

25 stages

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99 /mo

10 users

500 GB

10 stages

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49 /mo

5 users

250 GB

5 stages

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19 /mo

1 users

10 GB

1 stage

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Please note that the monthly prices mentioned do not include VAT. The applicable VAT will be added based on your location and whether you are purchasing as a business or private individual.


We provide unique subscription packages, customized to align with your requirements and financial plan.

starting from 500 € /mo

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Opting for annual billing enables you to access our wire payment options.

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Service is billed monthly to your credit card. Cancel or change plans at any time. No hidden fees.

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20 GB single file size

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Daily trust from these renowned brands. Doesn't that speak volumes?

Testimonials from both small teams and global companies partnering with Fluxiom

Avatar Fluxiom was a big change for us, but experiments are part of who we are at La Strada. We definitely do not regret that one! —Diana Brus, Commercial Director
Avatar I am very sensitive to the design factor, and this extends to my tools. With Fluxiom, I can present the right shots to the right clients in exactly the right way. —Christof Wagner, Photographer
Avatar Front and foremost, we chose Fluxiom because it was simple and had no learning- curve, beyond a few minutes of self-paced experimentation. —Jörg Rieger, Managing Director
Avatar With the sharing features available in Fluxiom, our colleagues around the world have access to the information they need, no matter where they are and when they need it. —Hermann Pamminger, Marketing Director

If It Involves Files, We Make It Simpler

Once you've uploaded some media, it quickly becomes apparent how well-designed Fluxiom is. There is almost no learning curve to the software.

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