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Effortlessly Organize Your Digital Assets with Fluxiom

Fluxiom is the ultimate digital asset management system, streamlining the organization of your marketing materials, photos, videos, documents, and other file types. With a powerful yet user-friendly interface, Fluxiom simplifies the management of all your digital assets, ensuring optimal workflow and communication. Plus, the cloud-based platform offers a secure location for all your files, granting you easy accessibility and peace of mind.

If It Involves Files, We Make It Simpler

Once you've uploaded some media, it quickly becomes apparent how well-designed Fluxiom is. There is almost no learning curve to the software.

Secure Storage

Store your files, regardless of size, on our top-tier servers from anywhere around the globe.

Fluxiom ensures the safekeeping and reliable backup of all your files, guaranteeing that all data remains within the EU.

Advanced Search

Effortlessly Tag and search everything, from metadata and custom notes to file contents.

Fluxiom's versatile tagging system empowers you with comprehensive search capabilities, including text stored within your files.

Easy Sharing

Safely share your data with specific audiences, either on a file-by-file or tag-by-tag basis, through secure links.

Easily distribute files with a single click, or a protected website for recipients to explore at their leisure on their devices.

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Search & Organization

Experience the power of Fluxiom's rapid file search and filtering, accessible directly from the search bar.

Effortlessly create and apply tags to manage and organize your digital assets, boosting your workflow.

Skip manual tagging. System-assigned labels derived from file properties, object detection and scene recognition, Fluxiom automatically labels files for simplified organization.

Effortlessly search within documents, including PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.

Customization & Collaboration

Tailor-Made Branding. Customize the look and feel of your Fluxiom account for a personalized experience.

Streamlined Collaboration. Effortlessly share assets with colleagues and establish a seamless collaborative workflow on Fluxiom.

Add Color to Your Tags. Enhance organization within large tag groups by assigning different colors based on topic. Visually group your tags using color-coding for improved organization and accessibility.


Effortless Versioning. Fluxiom's versioning feature lets you store multiple iterations of a file while presenting them as a single asset in your view, ensuring an organized and clutter-free workspace.

RSS feeds

RSS feeds. Stay on top of changes and new file uploads by subscribing to a global or tag group specific RSS feed, ensuring you never miss an update.

Accurate Previews Across 100+ File Formats and Color Profiles

Fluxiom effortlessly manages all file types! Directly preview raster and vector images, PDFs, and even audio and video files within Fluxiom.

Fluxiom seamlessly displays over 100 image formats, covering B/W, grayscale, RGB, and CMYK color schemes, while also offering support for EPS and Photoshop PSD files.

Fluxiom effectively handles color profiles, guaranteeing that your thumbnails and previews maintain their authentic appearance when displayed on screen.

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Hosted in Europe & GDPR compliant

We store your data on dedicated servers with redundant storage in one of Europe's leading data centres. Off-site backups are performed nightly. We offer TLS access, password protection and strong account management. Sharing is strictly opt-in.

Fluxiom, a Universal Solution for All Industries

Streamline organization, sharing, and security for your data!

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