Unlock Powerful File Management Features.

Fluxiom is the ideal solution for teams seeking easy and secure file management. From internal collaboration to external partnerships, Fluxiom simplifies storing, backing up, and securely sharing files with select audiences through its user-friendly interface.

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Store and access your files, no matter how large, from anywhere in the world.

Fluxiom stores all your files, even very large ones. We keep them safely available and neatly backed up on dedicated state-of-the-art and environmentally-friendly servers in one of Europe's leading data centers.



See live previews of your photos, Office and Creative Suite files, even movies!

Explore your data the visual way with our automatically generated previews. Fluxiom understands all common file formats including photos. Office documents, CS files, even movies.



Tag anything, search everything. Including metadata, custom notes and file contents.

On top of a flexible tagging system, Fluxiom gives you full searching powers by any attribute imaginable. You can even search for any text that is stored inside our files.



Receive large files right into your account, ready to be archived, filed or shared in a blink.

Skip email entirely and securely accept files right into your Fluxiom account. A web browser is all it takes to send them, and a click to transfer them to your account, ready to store or share further.



Securely share your data with select audiences, file-by-file or tag-by-tag, by mail or on the web

Share files with a single click, either by sending an email right from your account or by creating a secure website your recipients can browse at their own pace on their computer.



Instantly generate clean, crisp contact sheets to print out or enrich digital documents.

Turn any group of files into a crisp contact sheet ready to be printed or Imported into reports and presentations. Let Fluxiom scale, sharpen and lay it all out for you.

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Discover the Full Spectrum of Tools and Capabilities to Empower Your Workflow with Fluxiom

Seats from 1 to 25+ users
Storage (in GB) from 10 to 1,500+ GB
Stages from 1 to 25+ stages

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Get organized
Asset Management (Edit, Preview, Storage)
Share assets (Direct, Email, Link)
Account Branding
Stages & Brand pages
Smart Search: full text search & Tag based search
AI Auto-Tagging
User Management
Tag Management
Stages Management (Invite, share, recipients)
Integrations & Security
Native Mac & PC Uploaders
Google Chrome Extension
TLS Security
Hosted within the EU

Fluxiom, a Universal Solution for All Industries

Streamline organization, sharing, and security for your data!

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