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Organize your digital assets

“Once you've uploaded some media, it quickly becomes apparent how well-designed Fluxiom is. There is almost no learning curve to the software.”

The New York Times

Organize your digital assets in the cloud

A powerful image database, a digital asset management tool for marketing materials, documents and a lot more files. This will help to organize your work process and fasten up your daily communication routines.

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Store your files, no matter how large, on our high-end servers, from anywhere in the world.

Fluxiom stores all your files, even very large ones. We keep them safely available and neatly backed up on dedicated state-of-the-art servers in one of Europe’s leading data centers.

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Tag anything, search everything. This includes metadata, custom notes and even file contents.

On top of a flexible tagging system, Fluxiom gives you full searching powers by any attribute imaginable. You can even search for any text that is stored inside your files.

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Securely share your data with select audiences, file-by-file or tag-by-tag, by mail or via link.

Share files with a single click, either by sending an email right from your account or by creating a secure website your recipients can browse at their own pace on their computer.

“If it involves files, we make it simpler”

Fluxiom search in action

Search & Find

Intuitive and fast way to search and filter your files right from the search field.

Search by Tags: Tags you create to manage and organise your assets.

Auto-tags: Set automatically depending on the properties of your files.

Labels: Set automatically leveraging object and scene recognition in Fluxiom to auto-label images within your library.


Personalize the appearance of you Fluxiom account to make it yours.

Users & permissions

On Fluxiom, sharing assets with your colleagues and setting up a collaborative workflow is a snap.


Versioning in Fluxiom allows you to store multiple versions of the same file, making them all appear in your assets view as a single file.

Asset Details
Colored Tags

Colour your tags

To better organise a large group of tags you can color them by topic in different colours.
Color your tags to group them visually for better organisation.

More than 100 Fileformats are supported!

Supported file formats

Basically, you can load any file into Fluxiom. For images (both raster and vectorized) there's special support for creating thumbnails and previews. This also includes PDF documents.

Fluxiom fully supports more than 100 image formats in B/W, grayscale, RGB and CMYK color formats, including EPS and Photoshop PSD files.

Plus, it correctly handles color profiles so your thumbnails and previews will look as they should on screen. Easily search inside documents like PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Hosted in Europe & GDPR compliant


Safe & Secure

We store your data on dedicated servers with redundant storage in one of Europe's leading data centres. Off-site backups are performed nightly. We offer TLS access, password protection and strong account management. Sharing is strictly opt-in.

'Fluxiom upload panel


Preview your photos, Office and Creative Suite files, even movies!


Get notified about updates

Notification about new assets and modifications to existing ones.

Fluxiom Uploader App

Fluxiom Uploader App

Upload your files and even folders with drag-and-drop ease right from your desktop!

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Fluxiom works across all industries

Organize, share and secure your data!

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