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Six steps to mastering your content

“Once you’ve uploaded some media, it quickly becomes apparent how well-designed Fluxiom is.
There is almost no learning curve to the software.” The New York Times

  1. It begins with storage

    Make yours rock-solid
    Fluxiom stores all your files, even very large ones. We keep them safely available and neatly backed up on dedicated state-of-the-art servers in one of Europe’s leading data centers.

  2. Seeing is believing

    Live previews for over 100 formats
    Explore your data the visual way with our automatically generated previews. Fluxiom understands all common file formats including photos, Office documents, CS files, even movies.

  3. Stop searching

    And start finding
    On top of a flexible tagging system, Fluxiom gives you full searching powers by any attribute imaginable. You can even search for any text that is stored inside your files.

  4. Good-bye, email

    Receive large files swiftly and securely
    Skip email entirely and securely accept files right into your Fluxiom account. A web browser is all it takes to send them, and a click to transfer them to your account, ready to store or share further.

  5. Sharing made simple

    And speedy, and secure
    Share files with a single click, either by sending an email right from your account or by creating a secure website your recipients can browse at their own pace on their computer.

  6. Accelerate image reviews

    From screen to paper

    Any files, anywhere, at any time
    Turn any group of files into a crisp contact sheet, ready to be printed or imported into reports and presentations. Let Fluxiom scale, sharpen, and lay it all out for you.

Plans and Pricing

All plans come with a full 30-day free trial and contract-free monthly billing afterwards.

Infinity Pro Basic Solo  
100 GB – 1 TB 40 GB 15 GB 10 GB Capacity
1 Users
35 15 10 Stages
In-file search
Receive Files
  Enhanced security
from 169 89 29 19 per month
Customize Sign up Sign up Sign up  
  1. We work hard to deserve your trust

    We store your data on dedicated servers with redundant storage in one of Europe’s leading data centers. Off-site backups are performed nightly. We offer SSL access, password protection and strong account management. Sharing is strictly opt-in.

  2. We will never ask you to commit

    Some things in life require a commitment. Fluxiom is not one of them. Subscriptions are billed monthly to your credit card, and you can cancel or change plans at any time. There are no hidden fees or extra changes for setup, technical support or cancellation. You can always export your data.

  3. Free trial or free plan, it is up to you

    New customers enjoy a 30-day free trial on all plans. All it takes is a click to export your data and another to cancel before the trial is over. You can also opt for the Free plan, which offers our most popular features at absolutely no cost and no pressure to upgrade. It is perfect to try out Fluxiom in your office without lengthy budget approval requests.
    Try Fluxiom for free

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Smart extras for smarter work

Turbo-charge your workflow with these free add-ons

  1. Fast, reliable and free: pick three

    Mac OS X or Windows, the Fluxiom Uploader is fully optimized for your platform of choice. It offers fast, reliable uploads with a convenient drag-and-drop interface that makes it super-easy to transition from your hard drive to the cloud. It automatically adapts to the colors and branding of your Fluxiom account for the ultimate integration, too.

    Available on the Mac App Store
    Other Platforms

  2. chromeapp

    Deep integration for Chrome users

    Fluxiom works great with any modern web browser, and we work hard to keep it that way. But if you use Google Chrome or the Chrome OS, you can also install the Fluxiom web application right into your browser for deeper integration, including a terrific full-screen mode. The Fluxiom web application is free and compatible with every plan.

    Available on the Chrome Web Store

  3. api

    From week-end project to enterprise integration

    Whether you develop custom tools for yourself or need to integrate Fluxiom with a full-scale complex enterprise backend, the Fluxiom API has got you covered. Access is available for free to all accounts, and grants you all the hooks and tools you need to interface with the application. If you want to archive, audit, back up, print, share or broadcast data, our applications can talk together.

    API Documentation

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