Case Studies

Hermann Pamminger, Casinos Austria International

Hermann Pamminger

For how long have you been using Fluxiom?

Since 2006. We were lucky enough to be in touch with Fluxiom’s developers from the very beginning. In fact, we were among the first clients to get on board after the service became available to the public.

Relying on a brand-new service could have been a risk. What enticed you to take the plunge?

We had already discussed Fluxiom at length with the development team, so we did not really have any concerns about potential quality control issues. It was clear to us right from the start that both Casinos Austria International and wollzelle had a similar outlook on information and asset management. When the Fluxiom service was launched, it seemed a natural match.

“Fluxiom is a perfect example of the 20-80 rule: it offers the 20% of features that solve 80% of your problems.”

Of course, the availability and readiness of the service played a big role in our decision. We knew we could start testing it in a matter of minutes and that there would be no need for long — and expensive — discussions with the developers to customize the software to suit our needs. That does not mean that Fluxiom doesn’t have plenty of options and settings, but none of them fundamentally changes the way it operates. In a world where we are often bombarded with too much choice, this was a great relief.

Does your Fluxiom subscription replace an in-house system?

Yes, we were already using a custom-built, in-house solution when we decided to switch to Fluxiom. We weren’t sure at first if Fluxiom would be a total replacement, or if we would continue to run both solutions in parallel, but Fluxiom turned out to be such a great fit, we quickly made our choice.

With the experience you have now, how would you compare Fluxiom with an in- house system?

If you ask me, Fluxiom is a perfect example of the 20-80 rule: it offers the 20% of features that solve 80% of your problems. Of course, an in-house solution can theoretically be tailored to match your workflow exactly, but in practice it rarely works out that way.

Very few companies have a team of developers in place to keep up with the needs of its individual departments, manage security patches and implement the latest technologies. Those who do have very large budgets to spend on such endeavors – and are often in the IT business themselves in some way or other. But for most companies, this not only makes little sense, it can also create more administrative and legal headaches than it’s really worth.

“With the sharing features available in Fluxiom, our colleagues around the world have access to the information they need, no matter where they are and when they need it.”

Fluxiom is not only easy to use, it is also very effective in terms of cost and resources – and that’s exactly how we feel technology should be.

What do you mostly use Fluxiom for?

With the number of casinos we operate and the diverse range of services we provide, our marketing database is huge. We have a whole mixture of different materials, from reference sheets, brochures and publications to images in every conceivable graphic format. Fluxiom helps us collect, organize and, most importantly, search for and find all this data.

In other words, Fluxiom allows us to effectively retrieve, distribute and use vast amounts of data – this would be inconceivable a more traditional electronic filing system.

What do you like best about Fluxiom?

The possibilities for sharing information, without a doubt. We are quite a large company, and being able to circulate information quickly and easily is of paramount importance. With Fluxiom’s sharing features, we can send colleagues the information they need, no matter where they are in the world. And we don’t clog up our e-mail servers or lose time uploading files to some FTP server in the process.

The security aspect is also important. By storing all our files in Fluxiom, we ensure they aren’t left lying around on thumb drives, DVDs and hard drives that could get lost or be circulated to the wrong people. All in all, it’s a win-win situation.